Quick review: Zagg Shield screen protector for Galaxy s3

I got the screen protector for my new phone today. I have the same brand on my tablet, but I’ve had it on there for over two years, so I’d forgotten how easy the installation was! I thought I’d write a quick review since I liked it so much. 🙂

First, the basic stuff. (pardon the pics. I had to shoot with my tablet tonight.)
What it comes with:


This is the packaging. Yup.


Inside is the screen protector film (not shown because I put it on my phone already), spray for applying it, detailed instructions, a microfiber cloth, and a rubbery squeegie thingy.


The squeegie is really nice. It’s bendy and smooths the bubbles out wonderfully. Other brands just have a little cardboard-y thing which doesn’t work very well, so this is a welcome change.

How it works:
First, wash your hands, clean the area you intend to work in, and clean the surface of the screen. Any dust, crud, fingerprints, cat hairs, etc. will make the application less perfect, so clean up first! Ready? Here we go!
You spray the protective film on both sides before applying it, which sounds weird but it gives you tons of control over the application. I was even able to pick up a corner and remove a cat hair from under it without causing any problems. The film is cut perfectly to size, leaving buttons, etc. uncovered, so there’s no cutting needed. Just stick it down. Once it’s in place, you squeegie the excess spray, and any bubbles, from the middle toward the outside edges. Try not to push them toward ports/buttons/etc., because you don’t want fluid getting in the electronics.


This step is why you spray both sides, as it allows the squeegie to slide easily. I was able to get ALL the bubbles out really easily, which impressed me. Any microbubbles (little foggy spots) faded within an hour or so. Then you just wipe the excess fluid away with the microfiber cloth and it’s done! It looks totally professional and it only took a few minutes to do.

Here’s the finished screen


There’s no distortion or color issues at all, and the feel of the touch screen is almost nicer now.

I can attest to the durability from the Zagg Shield on my tablet, since after two years it’s still basically perfect. My cat knocked my keys off the table onto the screen of my tablet a few days after I installed it (cringe.) and it barely even marked the surface. (If you know where to look, and the light hits just right, there’s a teeny scuff/dent spot in the film. I could probably write for a replacement, but it doesn’t bother me at all.) Nothing else has even come close to marring it. Very impressive.

Crystal clear
Easy installation
Lifetime warranty
Feels nice to the touch
Doesn’t alter touch screen response
Very protective

Kinda spendy (this one was $17)
Might not be available for all devices

Overall, if you have an expensive device, or if you intend to keep your device for a long time, I think it’s worth the money. The installation is SO easy compared to other films I’ve used, and it really does what it claims to do.

I hope you found this useful!

UPDATE 7-23-13:

Somehow I’ve managed to get a scratch/ding in the screen protector already. (not the screen though, which is good…) I guess I get to test the warranty now. I’ll update again when I find out how this all works.

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