Things I’m Obsessed With: “Diamond Club” makeup transformation videos

I randomly discovered one of these videos a while back and it blew my mind completely.
I’m pretty sure this show is the reason I started trying to learn to do makeup again!
I really don’t know what anyone is saying, although a few videos are subbed in English, but that doesn’t matter. These videos are a testament to what makeup can do, and they are simply incredible.
I started watching to pick up some makeup tricks, but in the end I think my entire worldview was changed. I grew up under the assumption that pretty people were just born that way. Either you were pretty, or you weren’t. If you weren’t, well then tough luck kiddo. Makeup was something pretty people wore to look prettier and not-so-pretty people used to cover pimples. Obviously models were just lucky, and they rolled out of bed looking amazing, right?
Then this show comes along. These girls are GORGEOUS in their modeling shots, and totally ordinary without makeup!
The lightbulb came on…
So, wait… That means maybe I could look like a model too?
I watched about a zillion of these videos, and over time it was pounded into my head that pretty can be applied, and that being less pretty but a stellar makeup artist was every bit as good as being born gorgeous. My old ideas had been holding me back, and I had no trouble letting them go in favor of these new ones! I remember one subtitled video that really hit home. The girl said something to the effect of “I may look ordinary, but with the skill of my two hands I can become beautiful”. Wow. What an awesome thought. Skills matter more than nature. And that’s okay. I could’ve hugged her.
Since then I’ve been devouring makeup tutorials, camwhoring tutorials, and anything else that might help me harness this magic. I’ll be honest, it’s working. I can make myself look more like a model than I ever thought possible. I’m still learning, but it’s a fun process. Makeup is fun again. Yay!
I hope you can find inspiration here too. You are beautiful, even without makeup. However, if you can’t see it yet, maybe a transformation is in order. If you don’t like it, wash it off and try again. That’s the beauty of makeup: there’s no commitment, and you can do as much or as little as you want.
Now If I could only learn to make the makeup on the second eye come out as well as the makeup on the eye I do first…


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