Things I’m Obsessed With: Two products I would buy even if they were the most expensive


(This is kinda a combo TIOW and review,  because I’m feeling a bit down today.)
Most of the time I buy the cheapest functional version of any given product, but occasionally I like something enough that I stop caring about the  cost.  Two products I am rabidly loyal to are my mascara and my topcoat.
I graduated nail school and have my license, so I have access to pretty much any nail products I want.  I have tried topcoats ranging from OPI to dollar store looking for the perfect one. I needed something shiny and durable, but also quick drying because I’m really impatient.  I also wanted a product that wouldn’t turn into a rock before I got even half way through the bottle. I had been pretty sure finding a product that did all this was right up there with the holy grail and the fountain of youth until I got a bottle of Speedey from a CND rep at an Ulta opening a few years ago. I don’t know if they use unicorn tears or what, but it dries really fast, lasts a week, and stays useable until about the last 1/2″ or less is left! I tried other kinds, but I have always come back to my beloved Speedey. Recently I started buying the salon size, which is cheaper in the long run. I highly recommend this topcoat.  It’s the best I’ve ever used.

As to mascara, I don’t have the range of product experience to compare, since to me a $10 mascara is a major splurge.  What I can say, is that of all the reasonably priced mascaras I’ve tried,  this is the winner by a long shot. I like length but despise clumps, and I like my mascara as black as possible. I also like being able to remove it easily so I don’t wake up racoon-y, but I wear circle lenses and have dry eyes so I need it not to run down my face every time I use eyedrops. (I ask a lot of my products) Before my wedding I had gotten some Lashblast Length as a pre-wedding “splurge”. (Tiny budget.) When it ran out I was unreasonably sad, but resigned myself to the cheap stuff again. 5 totally unusable tubes of cheap mascara later…
I finally gave in and got my “expensive” stuff again. I was excited to see the water resistant kind was available, and even more excited since it claimed to be removable with soap and water!  Of course I snapped up a tube in Very Black right then and there. It is lovely stuff, and lives up to my expectations entirely! It isn’t prone to smudges, but it’s seriously black. It really does come off easily too. I generally use DHC mild touch cleansing oil to remove it, but it melts right off without much effort even with facial cleanser. At the same time, it doesn’t run much at all. Super impressive from an under ten bucks mascara.


One generous coat on uncurled lashes vs nothing on the other eye.

Do you have any products you like so much you have to have them at any cost? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out! I’m gonna go put mascara on my other eye now… 🙂

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