Things I’m Obsessed With: Nail polish. So much nail polish.

(Note: It had originally been my intention to take lush, beautiful, carefully lit pictures of my polish collection. Then I realized how much of it there actually is and got embarrassed. Also it would’ve taken a month at least…)

I am a nail polish addict.

Seriously. I think I could paint a car if I wanted to I have so much.
I know damn well I own more polish than any one person has reason to, and yet if I’m in Walgreens/CVS/etc. I will ALWAYS look for new colors.
I’m pretty cheap about how much I will spend on one color. The most expensive polish I’ve ever purchased is my holographic black, which I think was nearly $10. (I reeeeeeealy wanted it.) Usually I won’t spend more than $3. $5 top end, and it’d better be really special.

DSC02773 DSC02774
I don’t really get “normal” colors very often. I have a few reds and pinks.

Mostly I like blues and purples.

DSC02765 DSC02767 DSC02766 DSC02779
I have some greens too, but I have to be picky about shades or my hands look weird. 😛

When grey polishes came out I thought they were really strange until I saw them on someone. Now I have several. It goes with everything!

Somehow I have several different black polishes. Between glitter, shimmer, etc. there are lots of different finishes.

There’s a couple different white polishes too. My favorite looks like confetti.

And there are just a few oddballs in orange, yellow, and brown. I always think they look so pretty in the bottle, but usually they don’t look so good on my hands.

My favorites are the holographic polishes. I get distracted watching the colors shift.

DSC02772 DSC02775
Also the solar polishes and scented polishes. (even though I can’t smell the scents after I apply topcoat…)

DSC02771 DSC02778

And there’s magnetic polishes,








glitters (which I always buy and never wear because they take forever to remove),



DSC02783 DSC02781 DSC02769 DSC02764 DSC02763

So much polish!
When I went to nail school, the joke was that I only did it to justify my absurd polish collection. At least I THINK it was a joke…
I usually do my nails on Sunday and Wednesday evenings right before bed, because I’m super hard on a manicure with my crafting and such. I guess that sort of justifies the polish collection, but not really. I plan to try to start instagramming my manis, so feel free to check it out.
I’m always careful to close everything tight, and because of that my polishes last forever. In fact, I have polish I bought in 7th grade (*coughcoughintheninetiescoughcough*) that is still perfect and useable!

I don’t really know why I have such a thing for polish. I think it’s just that I love color. Color is almost like a drug for me. I love colorful things, and when I see a color I’m drawn to the reaction is almost physical. I pick my colors by season (I love brights in summer and icy sparkly blues in winter), mood (Cheerful? Moody? Dramatic? I have a polish for that.), and for events. It’s amazing how the right color can change my mood, even if it’s just on my nails!

Do you have a nail polish addiction? (And if so, can we have a support group?) Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Things I’m Obsessed With: Nail polish. So much nail polish.

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  2. Okay I’m obsessed with nailpolish too! And I shop about in the same price range. Because otherwise I’d spend 1000 $ at Walgreens. I just can’t stop…. My obsession is a borderline… Addiction though

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