20 movies you probably haven’t seen that you really really ought to.

I know it isn’t exactly beauty, but I wanted to share these. I hope you check them out. I think there’s a little something for everyone here!
I’m skimping on plot summaries because I don’t want to give anything away, and because I’m pretty sure IMDB has them all. Instead I’ll tell you why I like them so much!

1. The Women
This one’s a classic film with wonderfully written characters. It also contains the best insult in the history of film, in which someone is called a bitch without ever uttering the b-word. Wonderful.

2.Bell Book and Candle
Another classic. This one’s a bit hard to track down, but worth the effort. I can’t think of anything similar to compare this to, but it’s well written, funny, and lovely.

3. Some Kind Of Wonderful
I’m actually watching this right now! This one’s a John Hughes flick, but it’s the one nobody’s heard of. It’s also the best. You know how it’s gonna end about 5 minutes in, but getting there is a great ride. Heartbreaking in spots and hilarious in others. A solid 80s film.

4. Kairo (pulse)
This film is usually found in the j-horror section, but it’s way more than that. It’s really a film about loneliness. It’s a little scary in parts, but mostly it’s heavy and sad. A  beautiful film.

5. Doggie Poo
This film threw me for a loop. I thought it would be funny, being that it’s an animated kids movie about a dog poo. Actually it broke my heart into about a thousand pieces and left me bawling. This is the most beautiful movie. It’s about how everyone has a reason to exist, but it might be hard to see that sometimes. Seriously, see this movie. (but have tissues handy)

6. Air Doll
This one caught me off guard too. It’s a Japanese film about a blow-up doll that becomes alive. It definitely has funny parts, which I expected. What broadsided me was the depth of the film. You might want tissues for this one too.

7. Whisper of the Heart
My favorite Miyazake film. I’m not sure this even got a US release. It’s not set in a magical land. It’s a film about love and friendship, and finding the magic in yourself.

8. B420
Another film about how beautiful life can be. But not the way you’d expect. Sad and beautiful.

9. Bounce Kogal
A  Japanese film about friendship. I don’t know what it is about this movie but it makes me want to go smile at the world.

10. Attack the Gas Station
This is an insane film from Korea about some guys who try to rob a gas station and end up in a huge, bizarre, mess. This movie is a BLAST!

11. Phone
The best thing about this movie is the little girl in it. She’s an amazing actress even though she’s teeny tiny. The movie itself is great too, but the kid really makes it stand out among the k-horror genre.

12. 9 Souls
This is another heartbreaker. I love movies that make me cry, and this is one that gets me every time. The main characters are escaped convicts, and they want to get their lives back. That’s all I’m gonna tell you. If you need an excuse, it also has a midget. (which is not really a valid reason to watch a movie, but it might convince immature people to let you rent it…)

13. 13 Moons
(Yes, I did that on purpose) A Steve Buschemi film with a bizarre cast of characters and a really harsh ending. Another tissue film.

This is a Luc Besson film, and it’s in French. It will make you want to love yourself. If you need to feel better about yourself this is a great film to watch. It’s also just a good film.

15. Pump Up the Volume
Christian Slater stars in this, and he’s really freaking adorable. This movie is about having the strength to be yourself, and about surviving high school. And it has the look and feel of the early 90s perfectly. And great music.  It just has everything. If you liked Empire Records, you need to see this.

16. The Chumscrubber
Did you like Donnie Darko? If so you should watch this. It’s even better. That is all I will tell you.

17.Samurai Fiction/ Akakage
Technically two movies, but they go together. Samurais, ninjas, comedy, beautiful cinematography, romance. The total package.

18. Logan’s Run
Okay, so the costumes scream 1970s. Try to ignore that. The plot is so good it’s easy to get past the cheesy costumes. Someone should really remake this with a modern look so people would watch it.

19. Visitor Q
First off, this is a Takashi Miike film. If you are offended by gore, sexuality, ultra violence, bizarre stuff, or really anything, don’t watch this film. It contains violence, necrophilia, lactation, and lots of things that only Miike would use. The fascinating thing is, it’s actually about family and the need to depend on people in order to have functional relationships and be functional human beings. It’s strange and messy, and beautiful all at once. Just don’t watch it around your mom or grandparents.

20.Tokyo Sonata
Another beautiful film about family and loneliness that goes about delivering the message in a unique manner.  It’s hard to describe.

I hope you look these up and watch a few.
If you’ve watched them, feel free to say what you liked (or didn’t like) in the comments.
Or add something to the list. I need some suggestions anyway. 🙂

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