It’s been a while..

Thanks to school I haven’t posted anything in a really long time. I’m really sorry about that, and I’ll try to do better.
I’ve been trying to lose some weight I put on while stress-eating my way through projects, and to that end I just bought a new workout system to try. It’s called Home Workout Revolution, and it’s based on high intensity interval training. I have high hopes, but I also have 60 days to ask for my money back.
My plan is to blog about the experience both for accountability and because it’s useful for anyone considering buying the same system. I will NOT be talking about diet, and will try to avoid things that might be triggers. I am 100% anti-eating disorder, and my plan is to get healthier with thinner as a side effect. I also intend to discuss the plan with my nutritionist, my doctor, and a personal trainer.
There is a “diet plan” included,  but it’s more along the lines of diet as a term for everything you eat than a restricted calorie system. The “diet” is just eat things with as few ingredients as possible, mostly vegetables, in reasonable amounts, and leave a 12 hour gap between dinner and breakfast. Pretty reasonable. Plus you get a “cheat meal” weekly and periodically having a treat is totally fine.
As for the workouts, I’ll be starting on Monday and I’ll let you know! I’ll also post a “before picture” and measurements to check results. HOWEVER, unlike most before and after pics, I will be taking each picture in the same clothes, lighting, and position so it will be accurate. 
Hopefully I can find some beauty stuff to blog about too, but for now this should be interesting.
So far-
The positive:
Non-diety diet guide
No gym membership
No equipment needed
I don’t have to leave the house
I don’t have to jog. (I’m not a runner)
Relatively inexpensive ($27)
Downloadable content (no shipping, instant access)
Money back guarantee
Workouts are short (20 min or less)

Looks pretty hard
Might not work as described

If anyone has tried this workout system, let me know what you thought and whether it worked for you!

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