Workout number one…

So yesterday I did my first workout on this new program (home workout revolution) and it wasn’t very hard. That said, the intent of the beginning workouts seems to be insuring you are strong enough to do the regular workouts without hurting yourself and with good form. Today I’m supposed to do 30 mins of low intensity exercise,  so I’ll probably play DDR. (Which depending on my mood often isn’t very “low intensity” but whatever.) I will be showing the system to my nutritionist next Wednesday,  so I’ll let you know what she says about it sometime after that. 
The other thing I wanted to mention is that I’m going to start a series of posts on how to have good skin. Some of it may be surprising,  but most of it isn’t. (Yet most people don’t do it…) I don’t have any “quick fix” stuff for you, but in the long term it will help which is really the best way to go!

I’m supposed to be working on a paper right now, so I’m gonna get back to that.  (Do not want.) T~T

EDIT: Due to a comment that I don’t totally understand, I’m going to assume some people don’t know what I mean by DDR. Allow me to disambiguate. DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution. It’s a Japanese dance-based game you play on a pad with buttons you step on. It has nothing to do with East Germany, peacekepping strategies, data storage, or the company with the same initials.

2 thoughts on “Workout number one…

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    • I can only assume you misunderstood my use of “DDR” based on your screen name. (Forgive me if I’m wrong) I was referring to the Japanese video game Dance Dance Revolution. I’m guessing you thought I was talking about East Germany. I’ve added a dismabiguation statement to make it clearer for others.

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