Workout two (well that escalated quickly…)

So I said yesterday that beginner workout 1 was pretty easy, right?
Workout 2 was a whole different thing. Ow.
After ten minutes (which is the whole workout since it’s based on Tabata intervals) I am sweaty and mildly out of breath, similar to walking a mile really fast. (Really fast for me is about 3.5-4 mph) Also, all the muscles I never use in my shoulders and chest are screaming, which is awesome because those are the muscles that contribute to good shoulder posture.
I’m trying the overnight fasting, and it’s actually fine as long as I eat decently at night. Today I am ravenous, but I can eat in a few minutes. Tomorrow I’ll remember not to snack at 11 pm…
So far, so good. Next workout is Friday, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

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