How to have good skin and hair part 1 (and a quick workout update)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Let’s talk beauty.

I have had many people ask me why I have such nice skin. I rarely break out, and I don’t look my age at all.
The problem is, when I tell them, they act like I’m hoarding a magic potion or something!

This is me in natural light with absolutely no makeup on a relatively bad skin day. (Scary) Bonus points if you can guess my age! (Unless I told you. That’s cheating. )

Here’s the deal: a lot of this is not going to be news to anyone. I’m not breaking any new ground here.  I’m not a dermatologist, but I challenge anyone to find a derm that disagrees with most of what I’m going to recommend.
I’m gonna warn you right now:
You probably won’t like some of this advice. Suck it up, buttercup. Pretty isn’t always fun, and it doesn’t come from a pill, bottle, or can.

I’m starting with the most important things today.
1. Do. Not. Smoke.
2. Do. Not. Tan.
3. Alcohol is not your friend.
If you already avoid these things, pat yourself on the back and skip the rest of today’s lecture.
So the obvious reason not to smoke and/or tan is that IT CAN GIVE YOU CANCER! I know, if you don’t know this you’re probably living under a rock. I’m saying it anyway. 
If cancer doesn’t scre you enough, then you should also know that you will age MUCH faster by doing either of these things.  Both is even worse. Tanning gives you sunspots,  wrinkles, and leathery skin. (Ew.) It fades hair color, and makes strands dry and brittle too. Smoking gives you wrinkles, especially near the mouth from the combined action of the smoke and pursing your lips. Nicotine can stain the fingers too. It also takes away the healthy glow that makes you look beautiful.  If that wasn’t enough, it can cause your hair to thin, and the nicotine can affect your hair color too.
If you think you can fend all this off with creams and procedures, you are deluding yourself.
Both tanning and smoking have been deemed addictions, so quitting might not be easy. Get help if you need to. The short term problems of quitting are nothing compared to the long term cost of not quitting.
And speaking of costs, both of these habits are very expensive.  Use that to motivate you! Save the money you would have spent for cigarettes or tanning, and have a vacation! Or a skin treatment to undo some of the damage!  Or buy a fancy treat! 

You’ll notice I didn’t address alcohol yet. I don’t drink. At all. That said, many people do. A drink or two occasionally won’t really do much damage, so you don’t have to abstain entirely unless you want to. That said, drinking too much (and too much is probably less than you’re thinking it is) will affect your appearance.  That cliche of the drunk with the red nose? Yeah, that can happen. It damages your liver too, which prevents detoxification and can leave you looking sallow and greyish. Not pretty. Alcohol also dehydrates you, which deepens wrinkles and make your skin less plump. For your skin, happy hour is not so happy.It’s not the same level of damage you’d see with smoking or tanning, but it’s still hurting you. Remember too, anything that harms your skin is harming your hair too. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.
If you don’t believe me about the effects of alcohol on the skin, check out this article! Even knowing the effects I was still shocked how obvious the difference was when the woman in the article quit her “moderate” drinking habit for a month.

I know none of this is what you want to hear, and that giving up your addictions isn’t easy. I also know that deep down you know this is the truth.

In my next post I’ll tell you some important thangs you SHOULD be doing to have good skin and hair! (And you may not like those either…)

Workout update:
So the new workouts ramped up pretty quickly. I’m really sore in my shoulders and upper back, which has always been my weak spot so it’s a good sore. My nutritionist cancelled, so more on that next week.


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