I’m back from my extended absence…

I’ve been up to a lot of things lately, so this week I’m going to make a general update on what’s in the works. I’ll expand on the interesting bits later. 🙂
I graduated in August, and have been job hunting constantly since then. I don’t want to take just anything.  I want to find the RIGHT job.  It’s a ton of work. 😛
That’s been taking up most of my time really.
I’ve also been doing a lot of sewing and crafting, as usual. I’ll make a separate post about that soon, because I need to take better pictures of most of it.
I recently opened a Cafe Press shop called Notes From The Valley because I’ve been doing lots of photography lately. If you check it out, please tell me what you think! It isn’t “finished” yet, but it’s getting there.
Finally, there’s two big projects I’d like to talk about a little, one of which I plan to devote an entire post to next week. First, I’m starting a second blog devoted to something that has become very important to me: buying better quality things, less frequently,  and in smaller quantities. I’m not going to go into detail here because I’m hoping you’ll go check out the first post later today! You can find it here. Secondly, and this will be the topic of next week’s post, I am planning to enter at least one (hopefully several) beauty contests because I want to stand up for alternative beauty standards, and use the appearances to speak out against bullying and spread a body positive message. I don’t expect to win (purple hair and piercings are not usually beauty queen material…) but I think it will be fun, and hopefully I can reach some of the girls while they’re still young and malleable.  🙂
I’ve officially scheduled Wednesdays as WordPress Wednesdays, so expect new content every Wednesday from here on out! Thanks for being patient during my absence! ❤


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