First impression review: John Fluevog shoes women’s Zachary boot

As usual, I have not been compensated in any way for this review, and the product being reviewed was purchased by myself at full price. (Not that I’d turn down a discount if it was offered…)
I just started breaking these beauties in, so expect a follow up to this review once they’re a bit worn in.
So, I have a really bad addiction to quality, and ‘Vogs are the perfect package of quality and style. I couldn’t really afford these, but I had to have them, so I apologized to my credit card and went for it anyway. XD

When I opened the box, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of nice leather. Then I noticed the sweet postcard from Ramona at the NY store whom I spoke to a couple times during the order process. I love personal touches like that! ❤
Needless to say I was already grinning like an idiot before I even pulled away the signature shoe print tissue. The boots are absolutely beautiful, and I tried them on immediately. Perfect fit, as usual. (If you order some 'Vogs online its always a good idea to consult with a "Fluevologist" about size, because they KNOW their shoes and will help you find your perfect fit.) The boot itself is beautiful and feels strong but supple. So far my ankles haven't gotten a single blister, which is pretty amazing really. The foot area is lined in leather, and feels comfortable and not at all sweaty. The upper is unlined, so they fit nice and snug. I have skinny-ass ankles and moderately big calves, and I love that these boots manage to accomodate both comfortably. The sole is quiet and feels almost bouncy. It also says it resists oil, alkali, and Satan, which could come in handy some day… ;D
I especially love the lucky swirl at the bottom of the lacing, because it gives these boots a certain girlyness I wouldn't have though big, tough boots could have.
I love them so much that I already have a second pair on hold in purple (to match my hair!) and I can't wait to finish paying them off so they can be mine! (Hey, they say you aren't supposed to wear the same shoes every day so the leather can dry completely. That's my excuse for needing two pairs.)
In summary, these boots are one of the best things I've ever bought. They're gorgeous and suit me better than anything I've ever owned that I didn't make myself. The pull loops on my boots say it best: DDFT (don't delay, fluevog today!)

Update: I went for a mile and a half hike over the weekend, and no blisters, no sore spots, no discomfort. At the end of the hike my feet felt great!