I got new boots!


These glorious babies are now mine.
I needed boots. Like,  legitimately needed them. I went searching online, and stupidly decided to see what Fluevogs cost. As soon as I saw these, nothing else would do. The color was perfect. The style was classy and timeless. They were everything I wanted and more! And they were expensive. REALLY expensive. $#@&!
I hemmed and hawed and wrung my hands. I looked everywhere for another pair of boots I could love as much as these.
And then I gave up. I bought them. The last pair in my size. My hands were shaking as I placed the order. Was I worthy of such loveliness?  Could I handle the respnsibility of owning such nice boots? Would they be worth it, or would I wind up with an ugly case of buyers remorse?
The delivery was a debacle.  The store that shipped them failed to include my apartment number, so I waited all day only to have to pick them up from UPS.  I was nervous about opening the box. What if they didn’t fit? What if I hated them? What if the quality didn’t meet me expectations?  Was I foolish to have bought them?
The first thing I noticed when my shaking hands opened the box was the delicious leather smell. Not chemical like cheap leather. It was the rich smell of saddles, warm and lovely. They were everything I wanted.  They were the perfect purple, and made so beautifully you’d expect them to be antiques. The leather is buttery soft and armor sturdy. Magnificent!






Needless to say, I’m a bit obsessed. 
I haven’t worn them yet, because they are a very slim calf and I’m trying to lose some of the weight stress and meds put on before I stretch them to fit. Also, it’s still too warm. But I’m excited for fall, even more than I normally am. And I did try them on without zipping them all the way. They were SO comfy. Even with my ballet induced bunions they felt wonderful.

I won’t call this a review, since I am too deeply in love to have an unbiased opinion, but I can unquestionably recommend this boot. I hope to get ten years of wear out of them (which is not out of line since the sole is replaceable,  as is the heel) at which point they will be cheap at less than fourty bucks a year.

I should be posting regularly again now. My tablet decided to die last week (right after classes started. Thanks.) and although I am holding out hope that I can fix it, I had to figure out all the passwords I had stored in it and move all my stuff to my phone. :/
I’m settled in to classes and have (mostly) got everything figured out, so it’s back to business as usual!
Thanks for waiting for me!
If any of you are fellow Fluevogers out there, say hi in the comments and tell me about yours!


Things I’m Obsessed With Part 1: Things That Are Purple

I love purple. It has been my favorite color as far back as I can remember. As a general rule, if something comes in purple, that will be the color I get. I’ve had dalliances with teal and pink, but my one true love will always be purple.

My hair is purple. I use Punky Colours in plum, and it takes three entire cans. Also, I have to bleach first, which I hate. It comes off on stuff when it’s wet for the first couple weeks too, which can be annoying. And my bathtub is purple most of the time.  And it tints my nail polish for the first several washings.  But even with all that, it lasts for months before I have to touch it up (as long as I ignore the roots) and I get tons of compliments, so it’s all worth it in the end.

The color shows better here.

The color shows better here.

It's high maintenance, but I love having purple hair.

It’s high maintenance, but I love having purple hair.

I have an embarrassing amount of purple nail polish too.purple polish

Seriously, who needs this much purple polish?


I can’t even get it all in one shot.


There’s, like, 9 different glitters.


A whole bunch of pastels.


And these three are practically the same color!


Clearly I have a problem…

It doesn’t stop there though. Oh no it does not.

DSC02680 DSC02667 DSC02683 DSC02669 DSC02685

Yup. Even my toothbrush. (And for the record, the fact that I’m wearing purple polish is entirely coincidental.)

I already picked out my graduation presents too (even though that isn’t till next May), and guess what? Purple.


I wanted to wear a yukata for graduation, and I really wanted it to be purple with rabbits. I found one, and my parents paid for it to make sure I’d have it. I still need all the stuff that goes with it though…

I also got myself this amazing metallic purple Zatchel!

DSC02678 DSC02679

I happened to find my way to the flash sale Zatchels had for their birthday, so I could afford this beauty without giving up food for too long. 😉

This is the third Zatchel I’ve purchased, the other two being slightly smaller in black and white, and they are amazingly sturdy. I’m saving this one for graduation, but it’s really hard knowing it’s in my closet being all shiny and perfect. T~T

I even got purple circle lenses, which just arrived today from solution-lens.com! They’re soaking now, but I intend to review them by the end of the week, so look forward to that!

I’ll be posting the next TIOW next week. In the mean time, if you’re obsessed with purple too, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your favorite purple stuff!