It’s time to apologize…

We are almost all mean people. We are hopelessly cruel, more likely to insult than compliment. We are the harshest bullies in the world.
I know many of you (hopefully all) are thinking, “I’m not mean! I’d never insult someone! WTF?!?”
You are though. Want to know who you’re bullying? 
Look in the mirror.
Think about what you say to yourself day after day. Would you say those things to a stranger? A family member? Your best friend? Would they say them to you?
I hope the answer is no.
It’s time to stop.
I want you to take a selfie right now. Don’t fix your hair. Don’t do your makeup. Ignore the lighting. Just take a picture.
Got it?
Now look at the person in that picture. Look them straight in the eye. Don’t analyze the picture.  Don’t pick yourself apart. Pretend it’s your best friend in the world, because really you should be your own best friend anyway.
Now apologize.  Apologize for all the times you called you fat. Apologize for all the times you called you ugly. Apologize for all the times you said you weren’t good enough. Apologize for all the times you compared yourself to models and pictures instead of appreciating your unique self. Apologize for thinking you weren’t worthy of love and respect, and for hurting yourself to try and “fix” the problems that were never really there to begin with. Say it out loud, even if you feel stupid doing it. Keep saying it until you forgive yourself.  Keep saying it until you can look at that picture and see how beautiful you actually are. Until you realize you’re looking at a picture of a really amazing person that you honestly love and respect.
This stuff is hard.
You might have to do this every day for a long time before it starts to feel okay. Keep doing it. Trust me. You’re worth the effort.
I’ll be doing it too.
When you’re feeling brave, post your selfie with something you needed to apologize to you for, and tag it #imsorryme so I can find it. Post more if you want to. Post a new one every day even. I’m posting one today, so I hope you’ll join me.