First impression review: John Fluevog shoes women’s Zachary boot

As usual, I have not been compensated in any way for this review, and the product being reviewed was purchased by myself at full price. (Not that I’d turn down a discount if it was offered…)
I just started breaking these beauties in, so expect a follow up to this review once they’re a bit worn in.
So, I have a really bad addiction to quality, and ‘Vogs are the perfect package of quality and style. I couldn’t really afford these, but I had to have them, so I apologized to my credit card and went for it anyway. XD

When I opened the box, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of nice leather. Then I noticed the sweet postcard from Ramona at the NY store whom I spoke to a couple times during the order process. I love personal touches like that! ❤
Needless to say I was already grinning like an idiot before I even pulled away the signature shoe print tissue. The boots are absolutely beautiful, and I tried them on immediately. Perfect fit, as usual. (If you order some 'Vogs online its always a good idea to consult with a "Fluevologist" about size, because they KNOW their shoes and will help you find your perfect fit.) The boot itself is beautiful and feels strong but supple. So far my ankles haven't gotten a single blister, which is pretty amazing really. The foot area is lined in leather, and feels comfortable and not at all sweaty. The upper is unlined, so they fit nice and snug. I have skinny-ass ankles and moderately big calves, and I love that these boots manage to accomodate both comfortably. The sole is quiet and feels almost bouncy. It also says it resists oil, alkali, and Satan, which could come in handy some day… ;D
I especially love the lucky swirl at the bottom of the lacing, because it gives these boots a certain girlyness I wouldn't have though big, tough boots could have.
I love them so much that I already have a second pair on hold in purple (to match my hair!) and I can't wait to finish paying them off so they can be mine! (Hey, they say you aren't supposed to wear the same shoes every day so the leather can dry completely. That's my excuse for needing two pairs.)
In summary, these boots are one of the best things I've ever bought. They're gorgeous and suit me better than anything I've ever owned that I didn't make myself. The pull loops on my boots say it best: DDFT (don't delay, fluevog today!)

Update: I went for a mile and a half hike over the weekend, and no blisters, no sore spots, no discomfort. At the end of the hike my feet felt great!


Review: Geo Xtra 3 tone dejavu (violet WHC-351) from


1. If you want to wear contact lenses, see an eye doctor first. Even if you don’t need to correct your vision, you still need to know how to handle your lenses, and you’ll want to be sure your eyes are healthy enough to wear lenses. You should also see your eye doctor after you get the lenses if possible, because they can check the fit to make sure you won’t damage your eyes.

2. I purchased these lenses myself. However, the website I bought them from ( has a promotion where if you review their lenses they will send you a free pair. This will not affect my review (they don’t say free lenses only for GOOD reviews) but I thought in the interest of full disclosure I would mention it up front. Also, it’s a darn nice offer which you might also want to take advantage of!


I had some circle lenses a couple years ago, and they were really pretty but the company I had ordered them from went away, and I just never really bothered getting more. Recently I found myself really wishing I had some again, so I went looking for a good deal.

Eventually, I found

The first thing that made me choose this site over the others I looked at was the free shipping. Then I saw they had a deal where if you buy two pairs you get a third free! Sold!

I really liked how many ways you can sort the lens options (color, size, brand, etc) because it made it super easy to find what I wanted. I wanted Geo, because they are a well known and trusted company, and I wanted the biggest lenses I could get! There were clear images of the lenses, and usually a picture of the lenses on a model. I would have liked there to have been pictures of several models with different natural eye colors, or at least some models with light eyes, because my eyes are light and it can be hard to figure out if the lenses will look natural on light eyes. However, the pictures of the lenses turned out to be very true to color so it worked out fine.

The products were shipped out really quickly, and I anticipated getting my lenses very soon. I wasn’t counting on the five day hang-up in customs. Thanks to that it took a while for the package to get here, but I didn’t really mind since it was fully trackable (USPS), and I hadn’t paid for the shipping anyway. 😉

Here’s the package:

DSC02646blurred DSC02645 blurred

I love the chicken stickers on the envelope!!!


Inside, I found everything to be very well packed.

DSC02648 DSC02649 DSC02650

Lots of bubble wrap. I loved the little woven box it came in too! I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for, but it’s too pretty not to use!

Each pair of lenses came with its own free case, all different colors.


I was happy to find there were surprises in the package too! There was not only the pen, which writes in blue or black depending which ear you click, but also a super cute pair of earrings!


I’m horribly allergic to nickel, so I was all set to be bummed that I couldn’t wear the earrings, but to my delight they are actually nylon! Yay!!!


An instruction sheet was included as well, but if you’ve had contact lenses there isn’t much new information there.


I bought three pair of lenses, but today I will only be reviewing the purple since I don’t want to open them all at once.

One of the reasons I like Geo’s lenses is because they have a system to insure you have received genuine lenses.  You scratch off the silver part from the sticker, and input the code on their website, and it tells you if the lenses are authentic or not. Since I value my eyes, I like to be sure I am getting the high quality lenses I expect, and not some sketchy knock-offs.

DSC02658 DSC02660 DSC02701

Here are the lenses in the bottle. They are a 15mm lens with a dark limbal ring, a pretty purple color, and a small amount of brown around the center to blend the color better with your natural eye color.


Last night I washed the case I planned to use with antibacterial soap, put in some fresh lens fluid, and opened up the lenses. You will need to soak them for 8 hours minimum before you wear them, so don’t just stick them straight in your eye.

Opening the bottles is a little tricky. You have to lift the plastic cap and use it to break the aluminum seal. This is a very secure seal, which is great, but opening them is hard. I couldn’t get the cap to pull up without using a tool (I used a metal nail file.) to pry it loose. Then, when you break the aluminum seal, it leaves a really sharp edge, which I usually manage to cut myself on. Be careful.

Today, having soaked the lenses overnight, I decided to try them on. I expected them to be a little uncomfortable, because the last pair I had was difficult to get used to. I was pleasantly surprised! I found these lenses to be extremely comfortable immediately, even though I haven’t worn contacts for over a year. I don’t know if Geo has improved their lenses since the last time I ordered, or if the last ones were fake, but these were as comfortable as any lens I’ve ever worn! Another pleasant surprise was how natural they looked. My previous pair was really dark, and without makeup they looked really scary! These looked beautiful, like I just happened to have HUGE purple eyes.

DSC02736 DSC02737

I love how BIG my eyes look with them in!

DSC02738 DSC02739

Here’s the difference between wearing the lens and my normal eye. I wouldn’t call them subtle exactly, but it’s the most natural circle lenses I’ve ever tried.

Next, I wanted to see how they looked with makeup. I chose a green eyeshadow quad to enhance the purple.

I took some in full daylight, and a couple in dimmer lighting as well.

DSC02746  DSC02751

DSC02743DSC02750 DSC02749

I am 100% in LOVE with these lenses!

Here’s a close up of the lens on my eye.


You can see that it blends beautifully with my natural color, even close up.

These lenses are everything I wanted: natural looking, but still with a strong enlarging effect. The price was really decent, and did a great job packing and shipping my order. I am already planning what lenses to order next! (hmmm…7 pairs for $99 or 15 pairs for $199…) I highly recommend this site, and I suggest that you take advantage of the giveaways they offer. In addition to the free lenses for posting reviews, there is also a giveaway for people who want to win lenses without buying any first, so go check it out!

The link for the giveaway is here

Do you have circle lenses? If so, which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: I received my free lenses today. I thought I would just get the lenses in a padded envelope, but they actually came with a lens case, another pen, and some pink glitter teddy bear earrings in a smaller version of the box my first order came in! Yay!

Things I’m Obsessed With Part 1: Things That Are Purple

I love purple. It has been my favorite color as far back as I can remember. As a general rule, if something comes in purple, that will be the color I get. I’ve had dalliances with teal and pink, but my one true love will always be purple.

My hair is purple. I use Punky Colours in plum, and it takes three entire cans. Also, I have to bleach first, which I hate. It comes off on stuff when it’s wet for the first couple weeks too, which can be annoying. And my bathtub is purple most of the time.  And it tints my nail polish for the first several washings.  But even with all that, it lasts for months before I have to touch it up (as long as I ignore the roots) and I get tons of compliments, so it’s all worth it in the end.

The color shows better here.

The color shows better here.

It's high maintenance, but I love having purple hair.

It’s high maintenance, but I love having purple hair.

I have an embarrassing amount of purple nail polish too.purple polish

Seriously, who needs this much purple polish?


I can’t even get it all in one shot.


There’s, like, 9 different glitters.


A whole bunch of pastels.


And these three are practically the same color!


Clearly I have a problem…

It doesn’t stop there though. Oh no it does not.

DSC02680 DSC02667 DSC02683 DSC02669 DSC02685

Yup. Even my toothbrush. (And for the record, the fact that I’m wearing purple polish is entirely coincidental.)

I already picked out my graduation presents too (even though that isn’t till next May), and guess what? Purple.


I wanted to wear a yukata for graduation, and I really wanted it to be purple with rabbits. I found one, and my parents paid for it to make sure I’d have it. I still need all the stuff that goes with it though…

I also got myself this amazing metallic purple Zatchel!

DSC02678 DSC02679

I happened to find my way to the flash sale Zatchels had for their birthday, so I could afford this beauty without giving up food for too long. 😉

This is the third Zatchel I’ve purchased, the other two being slightly smaller in black and white, and they are amazingly sturdy. I’m saving this one for graduation, but it’s really hard knowing it’s in my closet being all shiny and perfect. T~T

I even got purple circle lenses, which just arrived today from! They’re soaking now, but I intend to review them by the end of the week, so look forward to that!

I’ll be posting the next TIOW next week. In the mean time, if you’re obsessed with purple too, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your favorite purple stuff!