Things I’m Obsessed With: Nail polish. So much nail polish.

(Note: It had originally been my intention to take lush, beautiful, carefully lit pictures of my polish collection. Then I realized how much of it there actually is and got embarrassed. Also it would’ve taken a month at least…)

I am a nail polish addict.

Seriously. I think I could paint a car if I wanted to I have so much.
I know damn well I own more polish than any one person has reason to, and yet if I’m in Walgreens/CVS/etc. I will ALWAYS look for new colors.
I’m pretty cheap about how much I will spend on one color. The most expensive polish I’ve ever purchased is my holographic black, which I think was nearly $10. (I reeeeeeealy wanted it.) Usually I won’t spend more than $3. $5 top end, and it’d better be really special.

DSC02773 DSC02774
I don’t really get “normal” colors very often. I have a few reds and pinks.

Mostly I like blues and purples.

DSC02765 DSC02767 DSC02766 DSC02779
I have some greens too, but I have to be picky about shades or my hands look weird. 😛

When grey polishes came out I thought they were really strange until I saw them on someone. Now I have several. It goes with everything!

Somehow I have several different black polishes. Between glitter, shimmer, etc. there are lots of different finishes.

There’s a couple different white polishes too. My favorite looks like confetti.

And there are just a few oddballs in orange, yellow, and brown. I always think they look so pretty in the bottle, but usually they don’t look so good on my hands.

My favorites are the holographic polishes. I get distracted watching the colors shift.

DSC02772 DSC02775
Also the solar polishes and scented polishes. (even though I can’t smell the scents after I apply topcoat…)

DSC02771 DSC02778

And there’s magnetic polishes,








glitters (which I always buy and never wear because they take forever to remove),



DSC02783 DSC02781 DSC02769 DSC02764 DSC02763

So much polish!
When I went to nail school, the joke was that I only did it to justify my absurd polish collection. At least I THINK it was a joke…
I usually do my nails on Sunday and Wednesday evenings right before bed, because I’m super hard on a manicure with my crafting and such. I guess that sort of justifies the polish collection, but not really. I plan to try to start instagramming my manis, so feel free to check it out.
I’m always careful to close everything tight, and because of that my polishes last forever. In fact, I have polish I bought in 7th grade (*coughcoughintheninetiescoughcough*) that is still perfect and useable!

I don’t really know why I have such a thing for polish. I think it’s just that I love color. Color is almost like a drug for me. I love colorful things, and when I see a color I’m drawn to the reaction is almost physical. I pick my colors by season (I love brights in summer and icy sparkly blues in winter), mood (Cheerful? Moody? Dramatic? I have a polish for that.), and for events. It’s amazing how the right color can change my mood, even if it’s just on my nails!

Do you have a nail polish addiction? (And if so, can we have a support group?) Let me know in the comments!


Things I’m Obsessed With: Two products I would buy even if they were the most expensive


(This is kinda a combo TIOW and review,  because I’m feeling a bit down today.)
Most of the time I buy the cheapest functional version of any given product, but occasionally I like something enough that I stop caring about the  cost.  Two products I am rabidly loyal to are my mascara and my topcoat.
I graduated nail school and have my license, so I have access to pretty much any nail products I want.  I have tried topcoats ranging from OPI to dollar store looking for the perfect one. I needed something shiny and durable, but also quick drying because I’m really impatient.  I also wanted a product that wouldn’t turn into a rock before I got even half way through the bottle. I had been pretty sure finding a product that did all this was right up there with the holy grail and the fountain of youth until I got a bottle of Speedey from a CND rep at an Ulta opening a few years ago. I don’t know if they use unicorn tears or what, but it dries really fast, lasts a week, and stays useable until about the last 1/2″ or less is left! I tried other kinds, but I have always come back to my beloved Speedey. Recently I started buying the salon size, which is cheaper in the long run. I highly recommend this topcoat.  It’s the best I’ve ever used.

As to mascara, I don’t have the range of product experience to compare, since to me a $10 mascara is a major splurge.  What I can say, is that of all the reasonably priced mascaras I’ve tried,  this is the winner by a long shot. I like length but despise clumps, and I like my mascara as black as possible. I also like being able to remove it easily so I don’t wake up racoon-y, but I wear circle lenses and have dry eyes so I need it not to run down my face every time I use eyedrops. (I ask a lot of my products) Before my wedding I had gotten some Lashblast Length as a pre-wedding “splurge”. (Tiny budget.) When it ran out I was unreasonably sad, but resigned myself to the cheap stuff again. 5 totally unusable tubes of cheap mascara later…
I finally gave in and got my “expensive” stuff again. I was excited to see the water resistant kind was available, and even more excited since it claimed to be removable with soap and water!  Of course I snapped up a tube in Very Black right then and there. It is lovely stuff, and lives up to my expectations entirely! It isn’t prone to smudges, but it’s seriously black. It really does come off easily too. I generally use DHC mild touch cleansing oil to remove it, but it melts right off without much effort even with facial cleanser. At the same time, it doesn’t run much at all. Super impressive from an under ten bucks mascara.


One generous coat on uncurled lashes vs nothing on the other eye.

Do you have any products you like so much you have to have them at any cost? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out! I’m gonna go put mascara on my other eye now… 🙂

Things I’m Obsessed With: “Diamond Club” makeup transformation videos

I randomly discovered one of these videos a while back and it blew my mind completely.
I’m pretty sure this show is the reason I started trying to learn to do makeup again!
I really don’t know what anyone is saying, although a few videos are subbed in English, but that doesn’t matter. These videos are a testament to what makeup can do, and they are simply incredible.
I started watching to pick up some makeup tricks, but in the end I think my entire worldview was changed. I grew up under the assumption that pretty people were just born that way. Either you were pretty, or you weren’t. If you weren’t, well then tough luck kiddo. Makeup was something pretty people wore to look prettier and not-so-pretty people used to cover pimples. Obviously models were just lucky, and they rolled out of bed looking amazing, right?
Then this show comes along. These girls are GORGEOUS in their modeling shots, and totally ordinary without makeup!
The lightbulb came on…
So, wait… That means maybe I could look like a model too?
I watched about a zillion of these videos, and over time it was pounded into my head that pretty can be applied, and that being less pretty but a stellar makeup artist was every bit as good as being born gorgeous. My old ideas had been holding me back, and I had no trouble letting them go in favor of these new ones! I remember one subtitled video that really hit home. The girl said something to the effect of “I may look ordinary, but with the skill of my two hands I can become beautiful”. Wow. What an awesome thought. Skills matter more than nature. And that’s okay. I could’ve hugged her.
Since then I’ve been devouring makeup tutorials, camwhoring tutorials, and anything else that might help me harness this magic. I’ll be honest, it’s working. I can make myself look more like a model than I ever thought possible. I’m still learning, but it’s a fun process. Makeup is fun again. Yay!
I hope you can find inspiration here too. You are beautiful, even without makeup. However, if you can’t see it yet, maybe a transformation is in order. If you don’t like it, wash it off and try again. That’s the beauty of makeup: there’s no commitment, and you can do as much or as little as you want.
Now If I could only learn to make the makeup on the second eye come out as well as the makeup on the eye I do first…

Things I’m Obsessed With Part 1: Things That Are Purple

I love purple. It has been my favorite color as far back as I can remember. As a general rule, if something comes in purple, that will be the color I get. I’ve had dalliances with teal and pink, but my one true love will always be purple.

My hair is purple. I use Punky Colours in plum, and it takes three entire cans. Also, I have to bleach first, which I hate. It comes off on stuff when it’s wet for the first couple weeks too, which can be annoying. And my bathtub is purple most of the time.  And it tints my nail polish for the first several washings.  But even with all that, it lasts for months before I have to touch it up (as long as I ignore the roots) and I get tons of compliments, so it’s all worth it in the end.

The color shows better here.

The color shows better here.

It's high maintenance, but I love having purple hair.

It’s high maintenance, but I love having purple hair.

I have an embarrassing amount of purple nail polish too.purple polish

Seriously, who needs this much purple polish?


I can’t even get it all in one shot.


There’s, like, 9 different glitters.


A whole bunch of pastels.


And these three are practically the same color!


Clearly I have a problem…

It doesn’t stop there though. Oh no it does not.

DSC02680 DSC02667 DSC02683 DSC02669 DSC02685

Yup. Even my toothbrush. (And for the record, the fact that I’m wearing purple polish is entirely coincidental.)

I already picked out my graduation presents too (even though that isn’t till next May), and guess what? Purple.


I wanted to wear a yukata for graduation, and I really wanted it to be purple with rabbits. I found one, and my parents paid for it to make sure I’d have it. I still need all the stuff that goes with it though…

I also got myself this amazing metallic purple Zatchel!

DSC02678 DSC02679

I happened to find my way to the flash sale Zatchels had for their birthday, so I could afford this beauty without giving up food for too long. 😉

This is the third Zatchel I’ve purchased, the other two being slightly smaller in black and white, and they are amazingly sturdy. I’m saving this one for graduation, but it’s really hard knowing it’s in my closet being all shiny and perfect. T~T

I even got purple circle lenses, which just arrived today from! They’re soaking now, but I intend to review them by the end of the week, so look forward to that!

I’ll be posting the next TIOW next week. In the mean time, if you’re obsessed with purple too, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your favorite purple stuff!